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Will Advanced Detox Solutions give a bad Oral test result

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Will Advanced Detox Solutions give a bad Oral test result

Postby ApacheOmega » Fri Dec 05, 2014 1:18 pm

Hello I have a pretty unique situation going on here so I'll explain it in two parts.

Part 1.) A couple weeks ago I went to jail for public intoxication for a few days and I was treated for DT's and Withdraw with what I didn't know was a mild control substance (I think it was Librium) which came in a green and white capsule. A day or two after I got out I had to take a drug test and was blindsided with a benzo positive test result. Now Keep in Mind this all happened over a couple of weeks ago. Yesterday I Made a friend of mine give me a random urine test and WHAT DO YOU KNOW!!!! I'm still Freakin Benzo Positive (how the hell is this possible?).

Part 2.) Today I have to Take A Drug Screen for a really good job and I'm worried sick about the results, on top of that I'm not sure if the test will be Urine or Oral (saliva). I drove down to the local smoke shop and purchased a bottle of "Advanced Detox Solutions" (Immediate Cleanser 2) in order to cover myself on both the oral and urine front. I was reading that even though the urine test reads positive for benzo's the oral will not (I hope) but the main worry I have now is if I take the "ADS cleanser 2" before a possible Oral test, will that screw up the oral test? What I'm asking is, is there something in the "ADS Immediate Cleanser2 solution" that can give me a Bad Oral Test Result after drinking it before a possible Oral (saliva) Drug Screen?

Lastly How do I go About finding out what kind of drug test to expect? The company is a temp agency called Manpower. Does anybody know how they test out there? Please let me know.

Than You
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