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Maximum Turn Around Time on Tests

Learn the drug detection times for substances and how long they can be detected in urine, hair, saliva, and blood.

Maximum Turn Around Time on Tests

Postby saffron » Sun Oct 19, 2014 3:13 pm

Hello -

I just underwent a routine pre-employment drug screen for a job as a physician. I take a prescription for a benzodiazepene and thus the test should have showed that (it's a chronic medication). I fully expected a phone call from a Medical Review Officer asking me for verification which would have been no problem.

That said, no one has notified me after 1.5 weeks. I am particularly concerned because I don't want to have anything "appear" suspicious. If the result were just negative would they have contacted me ? I have already started working and if this becomes an issue I am worried that I may need to give some sort of explanation.

At what point can I feel confident that the results are negative ? Might I need to do a repeat test ?

I want to put this issue to bed and, obviously, not share my personal medical history with employers/colleagues - all of whom are a tight group of professionals in my area.

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Re: Maximum Turn Around Time on Tests

Postby insider » Mon Oct 20, 2014 8:52 am

That's quite a situation you're in.

- Did the collection center ask you to disclose any medications you use?

- If you test was done with a rapid panel drug test at the collection center and came back postive for something, it would then be sent off to the lab to be tested with a GC/MS for quantitive verification to rule out any false positives. This is usually done within a week, but it's possible your sample could of got lost in the mail or the lab is back logged.

- If the results were negative they would not contact you. MRO's only contact you when a drug metabolite is present.
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